German Cream Cheese Bun – Bake With Yen

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German Cream Cheese Bun

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350gm Aichermuhle White Wheat Flour

150gm Aichermuhle Wholemeal Spelt Flour

20gm Aichermuhle Rye Sourdough

30gm Echte Boter butter

10gm salt

30gm molasses sugar

7.5gm Eagle Instant Yeast

350gm water +/-

350gm Cottura cream cheese

70gm dried cranberries


1. Mixing 6mins slow speed & 4mins medium speed

2. Resting Time - 30mins at room temperature

3. Scale - 7pcs of 120gm each, shape in round and rest for 30 mins

4. Make Up - Wrapped with 50gm of cream cheese and 10gm of cranberries. Mould iy into round shape and give 8 cuts to form floral shape

5. Final Fermentation - 75mins at 32°C

6. Decoration Before Baking - Dust with flour. Place a whole almond/walnut atop as decoration (optional)

7. Baking Time - 21mins +/- in a preheated oven of 200°C

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