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SOY ASAHI PAU MIX (包子预拌粉) 900G

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Easiest steps to make your own Pau. 包子预拌粉. Make your own High Fibre Bun + Flex Seed now.

*pau mix 900g
*Water 400g
*Shortening 45g
*Instant yeast 11g

1.Mix all ingredients except shortening at slow speed for 1 min 
2.Add shortening and mix at fast speed for 5 mins or until dough is smooth.
3.Can also knead with hand until dough is smooth 
4.Round and rest dough for 10 mins.
5.Divide dough into 60g each, round and place it on a piece of paper.
6.Proof at 35c for about 1 hour .
7.Steam in bamboo tray for 15 minutes .

>>Store in a cool and dry place 
Allergen : This product contain gluten.

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