Korean Garlic Cheese Bread – Bake With Yen

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Korean Garlic Cheese Bread

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Dough :
70gm air
5gm Eagle Instant Yeast
38gm gula
60gm susu Meadow Fresh (sejuk)
1 biji telur (saiz M)
250gm tepung roti
Garam secukup rasa
40gm mentega Echte Boter
Resepi Sos Cream Cheese
Bahan krim:
150gm Cottura Cream Cheese
20gm gula halus
Bahan Sos Garlic :
1 biji telur (saiz B)
100gm mentega Echte Boter (dicairkan)
15 ulas bawang putih (dicincang halus)
25gm madu atau gula
20gm susu Meadow Fresh
2sudu besar mayonis
3sudu besar daun parsley kering

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